How do you feel about wearing Wigs or extensions?

In the way that social media has blown up- making the way we look the focus of the world- Hair is everything. The way that an individual wears their tresses say a lot about them. History has always symbolized that the way that hair is worn in various areas and several regions makes a statement about someone’s lifestyle.

Hair has taken on a personality of its own, Hair is now a fashion statement that many takes into full consideration when think ink about what is next. Whether your inspiration comes from The Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, or Michelle Obama, you realize that wigs and weaves are the new go-to within the fashion world.
There has been a huge misconception about those that choose to wear wigs or extensions. In the celebrity world it is told that those with long hair are more considered more desirable and more beautiful, therefore we rush online or to the beauty salon to get the look that society deems as beautiful.

Now, do not get me wrong long hair is beautiful, it enhances the natural beauty that we all possess. However, the need or the want that we desire to have long hair does not have to be judged just by the internet or the influencers of the world.
In many African American culture’s men feel that women who wear wigs or extensions are trying to be a race that they are not, or they feel they are trying to fool those with a look that does not seem to be natural which includes makeup, heels, and form fitting clothing. Although these things are what entices the man to look or glance in a women’s direction and it is what drives the male species to say, “wow she’s beautiful”, but then when she isn’t wearing the long hair or make-up, she is then told that she fooled him, or she presented herself as an illusion of being a certain way that she isn’t.

This is infuriating to me that the very thing that men look at as beautiful try to turn it around and say that we are being natural by wearing wigs, weaves or makeup and I am sure many other women who have encountered this.
No matter if you wear wigs all the time or occasionally embrace it. If you wear make-up every day or just occasionally embrace it. Do not let anyone take away your worth or your purpose but telling you not to wear those extensions or make up. No, we don’t need it but we love it- who doesn’t like the versatility of being able to make our short hair long, or our long hair short, or to color our black hair a bright pink without damaging our hair-I know I do love the ability to change my look as oft as I choose.

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